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by Elaine Westerlund, Ed.D.

Each Packet Includes:
One-Hour Aerobics Tape - Music is thematically related to incest and moves from keeping the secret, to disclosing
the secret, to feeling the sadness and anger, to gaining perspective, self-acceptance, self-love, belonging, and faith

Literature Article - "Therapeutic Aerobics for Incest Survivors: The Why & How"

Movement Sheets - suggestions for an appropriate aerobic routine and a safe, therapeutic workout

Heart Rate Chart - to individually monitor beginner, intermediate, and advanced level of workout

Educational and Injury Prevention Sheets

Tape May Be Used For:

Aerobics, Jogging, Bicycling, Weightlifting, Fitness Training, Dancing, Listening, Feeling!

I.R.obics Packet

$15.95 U.S. DOLLARS
(Outside North America $18.95 U.S.)

All checks and money orders must be in U.S. funds only, drawn against a U.S. bank only,
and should be made payable to Incest Resources, Inc.

(Postal money orders from international purchasers cannot be accepted.)

Incest Resources, Inc., 46 Pleasant Street, Cambridge, MA 02139-3838, USA.

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