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For childhood sexual abuse survivors in many areas the search for group support remains frustrating and, ultimately, unrewarding.  In the absence of adequate or affordable community services, survivors may still find themselves, as the founders of *Incest Resources did in 1980, having to organize on their own behalf.

This training/preparation manual for establishing a facilitated support group for survivors of childhood sexual abuse is based upon the groupwork model developed by Incest Resources and formally introduced in 1983 at the Women’s Center in Cambridge, MA.  The I.R Drop-In Group continues to be offered to this day! Survivors from several New England states participate because nothing is available in their area.  With the second edition of this manual, we hope to change that!


  • A description of the groupwork model developed by Incest Resources
  • A discussion of the rationale behind this model
  • A look at the organizational factors to consider in planning
  • A sample group flier and sample promotional announcements
  • A list of suggested topics for group discussion
  • Guidelines for conducting safe and productive meetings
  • Sample introductions to a number of topics
  • A look at the factors that can undermine or enhance facilitator effectiveness
  • Concrete strategies for dealing with group problems that arise

Starting from Scratch: The I.R.* Group Model

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