Incest: What to Think, What to Say, What to Do

by Elaine Westerlund, Ed.D.

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Dr. Elaine Westerlund
Most people are at a loss to respond appropriately to incest because they don't have the right kinds of information. But whether the incest is happening now or occurred many years ago, you can help. This guide for therapists, friends, family, and other support people tells you in practical, concrete terms what you need to know to effectively and sensitively make a difference.

Contents of the latest edition:

  • Myths & Realities
  • The Effects of Incest in Childhood & Adolescence
  • Responding to Each Member of the Incestuous Family
  • The Long-Term Effects of Incest in Adulthood
  • Responding to the Adult Survivor of Incest
  • Regional Resources
  • National Resources

Incest: What to Think, What to Say, What to Do

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